Although heroin dependence is often associated with intravenous use (needles, I.V, shoot-up, slamming) , dependence can occur via any route that produces behavioral or physiological effects. Heroin is about three times as potent as morphine is identical, except that the two acetyl groups increase the lipid solubility of the heroin molecule, and thus the molecule enters the brain more rapidly. The additional groups are then detached, yielding morphine. Therefore, the effects of morphine and heroin are identical, except that heroin is believed to be more potent and acts faster. All this is an educational and understanding that opioid addiction ha a rapid effect, call now for help.

  • Morphine – the primary active agent in opium.
  • Codeine – the secondary active agent in opium.
  • Heroin – diacetylmorphine, a potent derivative of morphine.