When you hear the term “Alcoholic” people automatically think of someone who drinks to much and whose life is falling apart as a result. Some people can abuse alcohol, yet they are able to achieve success in their personal and professional lives. Experts call these people “High Functional Alcoholics”

This does not mean he does not have a drinking problem. Fact from fiction here are five common myths surrounding the high-functions alcoholic.

  1. Alcoholics can not hold down jobs or be successful. (quite the opposite, they can have a great job, makes lots of money) But the disease still exist.
  2. I Don’t have a problem (because he is able to maintain obligations like work, school and relationships – but the fact is he stricken with cravings, withdrawals and increase tolerance that comes with serious dependency to alcohol.
  3. He is in control (Because he is intelligent and hardworking) but an alcoholic knows that drink controls him, most just try to manage to conceal his drinking.
  4. Don’t show signs of alcoholism (From the outside, it mat seem he has it all together) But dig a little deeper and red flags will start to surface.
  5. Don’t need to seek help (Many alcoholics are able to function effectively sometimes for years) With this comes high denial the he has a problem, but yet he instinctively goes to extreme lengths to both feed and hide his addiction. WITHOUT HELP – HIGH FUNCTIONING ALCOHOLICS ARE USALLY THE LAST ONES TO SEEK TREATMENT FOR  ADDICTION “DENIAL”.