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12-Step Program

The Bible & The Twelve Steps

12 Step Drug & Alcohol Rehab ProgramThe 12 Steps, point to verses of scripture specifically chosen and simplified for the addicted one. When properly applied, they have the ability to walk a man out of bondage, revive him, teach him how to live, and equip him to effectively help others find freedom. The addict has damage in all three areas (body, soul, and spirit) and is in need of healing in all three areas. The problems rooted deep within the soul are spiritual and thus require a spiritual awakening. The only One that can expose and dispose is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

This process helps deliver an abuser from a life of bondage and insanity, to a place of freedom, peace, and joy. We find in Jesus, what most have been searching for in a bottle, needle or pipe.

Steps 1 through 3 has the ability to take a person from a state of self-centeredness, powerlessness, and helplessness, to a Christ-centered life, where he feels hopeful and all-powerful in Jesus Christ.

At step three, “Made a Commitment” has a deeper understanding to it. Understanding actually means to remove the other option or options. When we commit to turn our life over to the love of God, we are removing the connections we have with the idolatry we were worshiping such as alcohol, drugs, sex, money, etc.

Steps 4 through 9 (steps) a time to go deeper in the cleansing process of inner self. First, immoral behavior (sin) is dealt with, then the sinful nature (defective character within) that leads us to sin, and finally we face those that we have harmed with our sinful destructive behaviors. Admitting our wrongs, repenting of that behavior, forgiving one’s self, forgiving others, and receiving God’s forgiveness as well as the forgiveness of others is the key to freedom.

Step 10 is the maintenance step, teaching us to evaluate our daily behavior, while encouraging us to deal with things before they become problems. Revisiting this step keeps us from building a new inventory of unresolved immoral issues.

Step 11 continued spiritual growth through prayer and meditation thus improving our personal relationship with God. It is His desire to have an ongoing personal relationship with each of us and healthy relationships require good communication skills.

Step 12 is all about trying to help those still suffering in bondage to their addiction. We become living, breathing testimonies of God’s transforming power. AMEN!