Congratulations Joshua R. – Graduation

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Coming to Revival I learned addiction is not a disease it is 50% character defects and 50% lack of spiritual discipline. Revival helped me realize my character defects and get in touch with my emotions to find the root of my problems which was “self-centeredness, self-seeking and lack of faith in the Lord”. I have become stronger in my faith and trust in the Lord that HE is helping me understand my character defects along with becoming stronger in my faith. I now know he is the solution to my brokenness. Thank you to Revival for helping get it touch with those unbalanced emotions!


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I arrived at Revival as a lost soul, broken and ashamed. I didn’t care about anything or anyone. My mind was all about getting drugs and getting high. At Revival I experienced happiness towards myself and what life has to offer. Revival help me find Jesus Christ that he is my Lord and Savior. Revival meets you at your worst, with kindness and love. Something I never experience in my life. After extending my treatment to 90-days i now feel equipped to take on life challenges with a strong support group with my family and Revival. I recommend this place if you are struggling with lies and darkness, and have no (Hope “Hold-On-Pain-Ends”) There is a way out and Revival can help you!

Graduation Jeff W.

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Revival was a blessing from God that I am truly grateful for! I had enough of my life as an addict and tried to quit many times on my own with no success. I asked my wife to find me a place to get help and she said there was a faith based program that was local and I thought it sounded good. This treatment center was more than just a good place to get sober. The fact that it is Faith based is what “saved” me and I am forever grateful to the counselors and client that helped me understand what it really meant to accept Christ as my Savior. With this knowledge I am starting a new life with God free of the crippling affects of addiction. I strongly suggest anyone considering getting help do so before it gets worse. I can’t say it strongly enough, Revival changed my life!

Spirit West Coast – Concert / Worship

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Saturday night, This is a positive way to spend with family and friends. Good music, good conversation and it’s all clean and sober! Learning to live sober.

Total Men’s Conference “Men of Steel”

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A dynamic event that includes – teachings of “A spiritual mans mindset and what causes us to fall off our path to righteousness. “ Learning great coping skills to utilize when things get rough.

Accelerate Men’s Conference

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Topics include , improving fatherhood , Marriage and parenthood. This is positive fuel for the soul. Never stop growing. Addiction will try to keep you in a pit of darkness.

Fishers of Men!

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Fun in the sun – always a great time to bond and share life together. The enemy will lie to you and say “You are alone in the addiction battle”. Your are NOT alone!

Men’s Breakfast Gathering

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Breaking bread and sharing life together. It’s not only a positive support system it’s a Christian Brotherhood. Men arrived as far as 1000 miles. God is good!!!

Accelerate Men’s Conference

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300 men coming together for six weeks for discipleship, fellowship and worship the Lord. Topics include “How to Be a better man in Gods eyes”. What an intense event. We love it !!!

Congratulations J.G.

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Dedication – Commitment – Perseverance

Thank you to Revival for helping me on my journey from brokenness to HOPE !!
~~ I Choose LIFE!