Congratulations David M.

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I came in broken and with no hope to live, my life was in shattered in pieces and i lost sight of my God. I had thought my God had abandoned me, it was hard at first cause i had left the only comfort i had at home and i was scared but upon settling in and getting to know the staff and the clients i started putting my gaurd down. Working the program took some dedication on my part and a little challenging but after learning that surrender was the key to my recovery all else fell into place, now i know i can live free in Jesus and not worry anymore. Thank you Revival.

Congratulations Wil E.

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“After years of trying to recover on my own, I entered Revival Recovery services for alcohol addiction. My requirement was that the program that I entered was faith based, knowing that I needed to get connected with the Lord first and foremost in order to be able to recover. I spent 60 days in the program, and the staff are incredible servants of the Lord. They walked step by step with me, cheering me on, supporting me, crying with me, correcting me and guiding me. My hat is off to the gentlemen at Revival, they have helped me to transform my life. Thanks so much to the staff, may the Lord bless you immensely as you continue to support the addict that suffers. To the addict, please consider Revival for your recovery. You will not be disappointed if you’re ready to get to the hard work of getting well. God bless you.”

Congratulations Frank W.

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“I found Revival as a faith based recovery home. I learned that my relationship with Christ would secure my recovery. I am incredibly thankful to the Revival team with enhancing my future. Anyone looking for a really good rehab; this is the place for you.”

Morning Cross-Fit

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Healthy Living!

Perseverance Conference!

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Congratulations David L.

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I arrived empty, sad and with no hope. I leave happy, confident and filled with the spirit! I refuse to look back ! Thank you Revival Recovery Services for believing in me.

Congratulations Dillon G. – Graduation

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I’ve experienced and gained a lot of new knowledge and wisdom here. All staff if very up to par with their knowledge and are great with a variety of group sessions as well as 1 on 1 sessions especially implementing God into your life to help carry on with your life.

Congratulations Joshua R. – Graduation

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Coming to Revival I learned addiction is not a disease it is 50% character defects and 50% lack of spiritual discipline. Revival helped me realize my character defects and get in touch with my emotions to find the root of my problems which was “self-centeredness, self-seeking and lack of faith in the Lord”. I have become stronger in my faith and trust in the Lord that HE is helping me understand my character defects along with becoming stronger in my faith. I now know he is the solution to my brokenness. Thank you to Revival for helping get it touch with those unbalanced emotions!


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I arrived at Revival as a lost soul, broken and ashamed. I didn’t care about anything or anyone. My mind was all about getting drugs and getting high. At Revival I experienced happiness towards myself and what life has to offer. Revival help me find Jesus Christ that he is my Lord and Savior. Revival meets you at your worst, with kindness and love. Something I never experience in my life. After extending my treatment to 90-days i now feel equipped to take on life challenges with a strong support group with my family and Revival. I recommend this place if you are struggling with lies and darkness, and have no (Hope “Hold-On-Pain-Ends”) There is a way out and Revival can help you!