Bringing them back to Christ.

Whether or not an addict professes faith, the cold realities of addiction and craving force the addict to worship drugs or alcohol above all else, even God.Oftentimes, those caught in this negative and faithless cycle are powerless to break free on their own, and sometimes, they need a strong and concerted push towards God.

Interventions work, they can get an addict to accept their need for treatment and get them into a safe and sober place where they may once again connect with Christ, and find peace through Him. In an intervention, all those close to the using addict or alcoholic gather together, in love and faith, to show the addict that although they love him or her, that the addiction is causing too much pain – That only through a reunion with Christ and a separation from intoxication, can things get better. Family and friends will gather with the addict to share stories of addiction related hurt, to demand that the addiction get recognized, and to demand change.A third party will often guide the proceedings.

Interventions work, but they can be emotionally difficult, and they need to be run well – a rashly organized and fractured intervention can actually do more harm than good. It’s very important that all involved act with unity and love for any chance of success. Anyone living with, or around, a still-using addict knows full well what little good nagging, screaming or crying does; and so a new approach is needed.

Remember, you’re dealing with an addiction here, and an addiction lives inside like a demonic possession. It will try everything and anything to stay alive, and it is the cunning of addiction that makes addicts such master manipulators. An addiction will not relinquish its hold easily, and you cannot expect success unless you get educated, get help, and stay focused on the task at hand. Pray for strength and wisdom, seek outside council (a professional, or clergy) and use your God given resources to prepare fully for a successful intervention.

The Parable of the Prodigal Son – Dealing With Hard Feelings

Addiction creates pain, always, and this pain ripples deep through the family. Addicts can do horrible things while high, or while desperate to get high, and family members often bear legitimate hurt, legitimate anger.

But remember the parable of the prodigal son, and remember that the father does not rebuke the son for wrong living on his return; in fact he celebrates his arrival with a feast.

When his other, dutiful son, asks why he feasts for his badly behaving son’s return, he replies:


LUKE 15:32

An intervention is not quite a time for a celebration, but it’s getting closer to that day. We must forgive so that we may celebrate a rebirth. We do not need forget, wounds may need healing in times to come, but through a family intervention (a family and Christ centered expression of love) we encourage a prodigal return, and soon we too may celebrate!Put aside for now that you are owed an apology. Forgive, for now, the wrongs that have been done and work together for the greater good. You will be rewarded.

Revival Recovery Services offers third party interventions and crisis prevention. We desire to help families identify and resolve the issue at hand as well as direct solution to the current struggle. We firmly believe that we serve a God of Divine intervention, and as co-laborers in Christ how much more should we be about interventions? Our heart is to see restoration, reconciliation, and a healing to wholeness that only Jesus Christ can offer. Contact us!



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